Windows automatic updates should be banned permantly

Asked by: HackerHater
  • Microsoft is doing this to you on purpose to waste your time...

    Sound far fetched? Maybe it does, but it's the truth. The people who run Microsoft know how to annoy people and they do it very well. They want to mess with your life and with your head and upend any plans you have for things you need to get done.

  • It's your time in game.

    You are the one who need to decide when to update. You go to the computer to complete a task, even worse when you're in rush, and surprise, it now decides that is the moment to go complete useless?
    Any need or work you needed gets unavailable.

    That's common sense!!!

  • Updates should not be forced

    I agree that updates (like that) should be banned, because it only causes problems and disruption for those using the computers. Updates should be manual, not automatic. It should be when a user wants the updates, not when the computer feels like. It's not normal or anything like that, so no.

  • Windows updates are the worst thing that happened to me

    I am a youtuber who uploads a lot of stuff, but windows updates just automatically updates without my permission. When i turned windows updates OFF, it still restarts for no reason!! Many other horrible experiences could happen because the stupitity of windows automatic updates, such as if your working on a project on the computer, thats due tommorow, and windows decides to restart. To ruin it. That is why windows automatic updates should be banned permantly.

  • No, it would do more bad than good

    Security updates are installed to address vulnerabilities on the current computer, also preventing a potential spread of malware infection to other computers. The reason this process is automatic is because most people have very little understanding of computers besides simple tasks like using a web browser. Automatic delivery of updates also mean you don't have to bother with remembering to do it manually. If you don't like it, there's always the option to disable automatic updates completely and do it manually once in a while, be notified when updates are available and choose whether or not to download or install them.

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