• Yes, Atlanta very rarely has winter storms

    Atlanta is a great place to live despite winter storms. Because Atlanta experiences winter storms very rarely, the city does not have the equipment to deal with snow and ice effectively. This is a problem, but one that is only experienced once every couple of years. Because of the rarity of bad winter weather in Atlanta, the storms do not detract significantly from the quality of life in Atlanta.

  • Atlanta is a wonderful place to live.

    Winter storms aside, Atlanta is a great place to live. It has a diverse culture with plenty to see and do. Most of the time, the weather is quite moderate. Atlanta also has a lot of history behind it, making it an historic attraction. Most states experience extreme weather from time to time, but most of the year Atlanta's weather is quite nice.

  • Yes, it is not happen only in Atlanta.

    Atlanta isn't really a city that experiences many snow storms. Winter weather in the city is generally mild and tolerable. However there have been times in winter's past where Atlanta experienced storms and blizzards that caused havoc and mayhem, especially when it came to traffic. A number of school systems across north Georgia will close early Friday to ensure students get home safely.

  • Just say no

    I would definitely say no to living in the Atlanta area with or without winter storms. Why anyone would want to drive through all of that traffic every day is beyond me. I drive for a living, and downtown Atlanta is absolutely the worst place that I have ever driven. I would never live there.

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