Winter weather prompts Western MT school and business: Do we need online alternatives when school close so that children don't fall behind?

  • Online alternatives a great way to keep kids active academically

    For areas that are most vulnerable to severe weather that could cause disruptions in the school schedule, school districts and individual schools need to do a better job of preparing to continue instruction in other ways. One such way is online classes - or at least online work. There are complicated implications for a move such as this; for instance, not everyone has access to the internet. However, this is a necessary step.

  • Yes, we do.

    At the very least, students should be given resources that they can use to study at home. Of course school days are generally made up when bad weather or other circumstances cause school closings, but the long gaps can still result in some loss of learning and days wasted catching up.

  • Children should keep learning.

    There should be online alternatives when schools close because of weather, because children forget things when they don't study regularly. Children also need structure and guidance. When school gets cancelled, sometimes they don't know what to do with their times. It's best if there are already websites set up to help them.

  • That's a presposterous idea!

    Schools have been closing due to the weather since schools were invented. Kids have enough on their plates as it is, they should be allowed to enjoy these sudden holidays. Besides, parents should be focused on dealing with the extreme weather conditions rather than figuring out how to connect their kids to their online coursework. And what happens if the power goes out for days? This idea is completely unfeasible.

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