• Yes, it seems something may have happened in the Wisconsin election results

    Yes, it seems something was wrong with the Wisconsin election results. First, Trump was not expected to win Wisconsin, and yet he did by just enough. Second, Trump suddenly felt a need to go to Wisconsin during the last few days of the campaign--strange. Third, the results were particularly late in reporting. There are just too many questions about the results.

  • No, the election results were not hacked.

    No the election results were not hacked in Wisconsin and any other state. Sore losers do this every election. Someone always claims tampering and needs a recount because of alleged cheating or such. Americans need to just accept who the people chose. The loser needs to accept who the people chose, as well.

  • I do not believe the results were hacked.

    I do not believe that the Wisconsin election results were hacked. It seems that since the election people have been trying to blame the system for Hillary Clinton's loss. I think that it is time for Americans to accept the election results as legitimate, as surprising as they may have been, and focus on the future of the country.

  • They were just a surprise.

    Shortly before the election, news outlets began running articles that the election was trustworthy. They cited experts that said there was no hacking in the election. Then, there was a surprise winner. All of a sudden these same news outlets are reporting that the outcome isn't trustworthy. Likely, there was no hacking and people just don't like the results.

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