Wisconsin recount: Should Clinton join Stein in demanding a recount on Wisconsin?

  • Yes, Clinton should join Stein in demanding a recount on Wisconsin

    Yes, Clinton should join Stein in demanding a recount on Wisconsin. There are some legitimate questions about the counting process. If the recount shows a problem, there would be good reason to call for an audit of the entire election or for the electoral college to vote their conscience instead of the pledged votes.

  • It's worth a shot.

    Asking for a recount only ever helps democrats. How is it possible that every time there's a recount they find votes for only democrats? This was the case for Al Gore and this was the case for Franken in Minnesota as well. As soon as they find enough votes for the democrat, they certify the election. Clinton has nothing to lose.

  • Clinton shoud not join with Sein to demand a Wisconsin recount

    Clinton should simply accept the fact that she lost the Electoral College vote and lost the election. It is likely she has done this already, and to push her to demand a recount of the election serves no reasonable purpose. America needs to move on, accept their new President, and hope for the best.

  • Clinton should just sit down.

    Stein and Clinton should both sit down. They lost clean and simple. The American people wanted something different, and that’s what they voted for an got. She can run again in 2020. For now, she needs to have a seat and accept her loss. I’ve never seen such sore losers before in my entire life of hearing election news.

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