• Yes it is a great show!

    I think that Witch's of East End is a great show and definitely has more to offer. I am excited for season 2 and can't wait to sew what new story lines they come up with. I think it is a one of a kind show and will just keep getting better and better each year.

  • Yes, the Witches of East End show a lot of promise to live up to the hype judging from where season one ended.

    Yes, the second season of the Witches of East End looks to be a good one. The season one finale set up season two with several plot lines and events that give the characters a lot to deal with as soon as the series begins. The cliff hangers at the end of the season one finale are going to take a few episodes to be resolved. The trailer for the second season is full of suspense and excitement!

  • They have a good plot.

    Yes, Season 2 of Witch's of East End will live up to the hype, because there are very good writers on that show, and that is what keeps that show interesting. Too often in later seasons the audience falls off, because the writers cannot come up with new ideas. But on Witches of East End, the writing is always fresh.

  • No, Witches of East End Season 2 will disappoint

    No matter what you were hoping for in Witches of East End, season two is going to disappoint you somehow. There is no way to resolve the current plot conflicts without leaving some group of fans wishing the writers had chosen the other outcome. Any television show going into a second season has done two things: created rabid fans and set those same fans up for serious disappointment.

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