• If she needs the support.

    Yes, she should be on public assistance if she needs the support. Even if we don't agree with her decision to have so many children when she cannot support them sufficiently, it would be cruel to withhold food from the children. Also, she had a huge and very rare amount of children at once and probably didn't expect for that to happen when she got pregnant.

  • No, they shouldn't be aloud to have so many

    She already had 6 children before she even had her 8. I think someone needs to step in and stop them from allowing her to have so many. I am not talking about forced abortion,but just because she has so many children doesn't mean we should have to pay for her sexual ways.

  • Nadya Suleman should not be on public assistance

    Nadya Suleman has no business being on public assistance. She has 14 children and I don't think she has a spouse. Having 14 children is simply too many in this day and age. This many children as a single mother is too many in any day and age. The doctors who performed her fertility treatment need to have their licences reviewed.

  • No, Nadya Suleman should not be on public assistance programs.

    I do not think that somebody who has 14 kids like Nadya Suleman has should be on public assistance programs. I think that the government and the tax payers should not be responsible for her careless behavior and choices. But her situation just goes to show how broken the system is.

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