With Adam Sandler set to direct four movies for Netflix, will more directors follow suit and opt to release feature films on Netflix?

  • Yes, I believe so

    With popular series being released solely online, such as Orange Is The new Black, and House of Cards, it only makes sense that more directors will team up with online streamers such as Netflix to put up exclusive content on their sites. Streamers will also love this because it gives them exclusive content.

  • They have little choice

    This format of entertainment delivery is without a doubt the future, with digital on demand companies seeing souring profits and new customers. Some directors may take up issue with this method of delivering television and movie content, but they are just going to have to accept that this is how consumers want to receive their content!

  • Netflix provides new platform for seasoned directors.

    I hope other directors follow suit and create content for services such as Netflix. Personally, I ditched cable and purchased a Roku where I am in control of what I watch and most frequently, I watch things through Netflix. It will be great to be able to see movies by known directors without going to a theater or subscribing t cable channels.

  • They don't see the money in it.

    No, more directors will not follow suit and opt to release feature films on Netflix, because most directors are not as down to earth as Adam Sandler. Like newspapers, the movie industry is going down kicking and screaming. They don't want things to change with technology because they made so much money the old way. They don't get it.

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