With all the attention this is getting, will the private email scandal with Hillary Clinton ruin her chances of becoming president?

  • She was wrong!

    She was wrong and violated many laws many times. Her disregard for security is not new, it goes back to the white house travel scandal when her husband was president. She also has little respect for the military which was also reflected when her husband was in the white house. This private email scandal is just a continuation of her arrogance.

  • Yes, the email scandal will ruin Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming president.

    The email scandal will ruin Hillary Clinton's chance of becoming president because it appears that the scandal is playing a role in the steady decline of her presidential campaign. She is seen as more untrustworthy when compared to her rival, Senator Bernie Sanders. Also, the constant news exposure to the scandal and possible subpoena of the emails is bringing her negative attention at a crucial time.

  • Hillary Clinton's Presidential Chances Ruined by Email Scandal

    Hillary Clinton's presidential chances are ruined by the email scandal. That's not to say that she won't become the democrat front runner to run against the republican candidate, but that is to say that once she does obtain that the swing vote will be swayed the other way because the swing voters will view her as a criminal.

  • Hillary should face prosecution.

    The fact that Hillary Clinton has not been indicted nor had her political ambitions to run for President a second time put on hold speaks volumes to the corruption of the current administration in the White House. The double standard is rather clear when comparing her actions to the prosecution of General David Petraeus.

  • I don't think the private email scandal with Hillary Clinton ruin her chances of becoming president.

    It has become a mere political rhetoric for the other politicians and political parties, highlighting her private email usage in the public office.An average voter doesn't really bother about the email scandal with Clinton. Hence, I don't think the private email scandal with Hillary Clinton ruin her chances of becoming president.

  • While unsavory, it's unlikely Clinton's Email Scandal Will Cost Her the Nomination

    Hillary Clinton's private email scandal is certainly a nasty blight to her campaign, but she seems to have enough of an advantage to go on to beat Bernie Sanders to the nomination. The controversy about Clinton and her astronomical speaking fees has a better chance of derailing her campaign rather than the emails.

  • Not necessarily no.

    People who want to support Hillary don't care about any of Hillary's illegal activities, otherwise she wouldn't have got away with so many of them. The thing that will ruin her chances at becoming President is the fact that she is a horrible candidate that has no solid ground to stand on other than the exploitation of women's struggles for political leverage. At some point, someone will finally wake up and realize that voting for someone purely because she is a woman is sexism, the very thing that Hillary Clinton claims to stand against. They will realize that putting a woman in the white house will do as much to bring equality to the supposedly oppressed women, as putting Obama in office did to bridge the racial divide in this country.

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