• Yes, cold weather is not an indication that global warming is not a threat

    There is an idea that global warming means that there will be no more cold weather. Actually, what it will do is lead to more unpredictable and extreme weather conditions over the world (such as more tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding than usual), not necessarily warmer temperatures during the winter season. So no, the fact that parts of the world are still experiencing cold weather doesn't mean that global weather is no longer a threat.

  • Yes, global warming is a serious threat, even with all this cold weather.

    Average global temperatures are still on the rise, even with cold weather at certain times during the year. The ice caps are still melting, and the sea level is still expected to rise based on scientific models. Looking at the current temperature and claiming that global warming is false is similar to using anecdotal evidence in any other argument, meaning it is invalid. Just because something happens at one time in one place, doesn't mean it applies to the whole picture.

  • Cold Winters Don't Disprove Global Warming

    Despite there being cold weather in some places in the United States, global warming is still a threat to our planet. This is because anecdotal weather evidence is not indicative of the global warming trends that have occurred over the last century. It is simple science that the amount of carbon emissions being produced will have a profound impact on the temperature of our planet.

  • When It's Subzero it is hard to believe!

    I understand the impact of Global Warming, but is there something that maybe scientists are missing? Today's headline was 50 million Americans will be facing arctic freezing temperatures for about a week long stint of cold front air. You would think that would pose a threat to global freezing! Global warming is a trend to keep an eye on, but not sure how the scientist exactly know the impact of the future temps when it seems our air temps are becoming colder for longer amounts of time.

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