With energy consumption worldwide at an all-time high, is the human race perpetuating its own destruction?

  • Mistaking renewable energy for endless supply.

    Considering the prevailing opinion of most ill informed individuals who make decisions not on tangible evidence or scientific fact but internet searches, profit motivated propaganda and opinion based largely on fear, then Yes. It is apparent that most people have no idea of how the Earth works, the true meaning of renewable energy, and the delicate balance required for the climate to remain stable.

    Most of the Earth's hydro-carbon reserves were formed from the burial of carbon based organisms and plant life (petroleum and coal respectively) during the Carboniferous (299 - 358 Ma). This process averaged tens of millions of years. So no, coal is not renewable. We are now removing that carbon from the ground and putting it back into the atmosphere.

    Some scientific facts, CO2 is a green house gas, there is a direct correlation to the rise in CO2 levels and the burning of fossil fuels, there is a natural cycle to the timing of glacial, inter glacial and hothouse stages. Based on the position of the continents, precession, the elongation and eccentricity of the Earth's orbit, the Earth should be approaching a glacial maximum. That means glaciers should be growing, not receding at an accelerated rate. There are more than 17,000 published papers on global warming caused by humans. Five were improperly categorized, no false data, collusion, or bad science. Five authors accidentally improperly categorized their own papers. Out of 17,000. One has to wonder how desperate someone has to be to attack the credibility of scientists for an oversight far less than statistical error of +/- 2%.

    We are experiencing extinction of floral and fauna exceeding that of the asteroid responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs, as well as thousands of other species. We are currently mining elements and minerals for agricultural use, to replace nutrients lost through consumption, mineral leaching and erosion. It takes millions of years for most deposits to form in concentrations sufficient for mining. We are removing deposits at a pace much faster than it's renewal rate. Nothing is truly renewable, building materials and equipment are required to construct nuclear power plants and
    harvest the energy from the sun, wind and water.

    It boggles the mind how people who have zero knowledge of a subject and no actual evidence of their owe, see fit to attack experts in their field who spend the majority of their lives studying said field. But will believe politicians, the internet, company spokespeople and CEO's with a vested interest to hid the truth. Scientists deal in facts, not conjecture, don't have public relations departments or an advertising budget. They publish in scientific journals that may be read by a few hundred other scientists in their field, to learn and expand upon that knowledge. Furthermore, the majority of information conveyed through media is done not by people with a science background, but reporters who often misinterpret the information, want a sensational story or are politically motivated.

  • There is not an unlimited supply of energy

    Yes, we have been setting ourselves, as humans, up for destruction since our existence. The more energy we get, the more we want; it will never end until there is nothing left to consume We are never happy with what we have, we always yearn for more; greed is the way to destruction.

  • Yes, the human race seems to be destroying itself.

    With the rate at which humans are consuming energy and other non-renewable resources, it does seem that humanity is destroying itself. The materials that humans keep recklessly consuming, such as oil and coal, can not be replaced over night. In fact, many resources can not be replaced at all. Once we have consumed them, there is no more to be found on our planet. Without a serious look at changing the habits of humans as a whole, there is a good chance that humanity will quite literally burn itself out within a relatively short number of years.

  • Species destruction is inevitable.

    No matter what factors play a role, the extinction of one race is always inevitable. It is going to happen some day, but I do not necessarily agree that it is going to happen any earlier due to our own actions. We now have advanced knowledge of our planet, so we know how to work with it and how to work with each other to fix any problems that do arise during our time as the dominant race on the planet. Energy consumption, in my opinion, does not necessarily contribute to our destruction.

  • The Earth does not move to the humans tune.

    The data on global warming, in my opinion, is not very convincing that it is man made. There have been many increases and decreases in the global temperature, and if you look at the data past a couple hundred years the current temperature has stayed incredibly stagnant. While it is raising slightly, it does not seem to be by man.

  • Large Populations Will Die Off

    I agree that energy consumption is very high worldwide and we are essentially harming ourselves, but I have my doubts we will destroy ourselves. In order to do that we would have to experience an extinction, which would mean all of us would have to die. Energy will be a pressing issue for populations, as well as an environmental issue for the planet. If it isn't handled properly it will more than likely lead to large populations dying off, but not human destruction.

  • Energy consumption doesn't hurt.

    No, the human race is not perpetuating its own destruction with energy consumption worldwide at an all-time high, because most energy is renewable. Even coal is found naturally in the earth and can be renewed. Many forms of energy are renewable. The human race is not using enough energy that it is hurting anything in the environment.

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