With Lundqvist tending the goal, are the New York Rangers sure to win Game 7 at the Garden, against the Washington Capitals?

  • Henrik Lundqvist makes 30 saves, Rangers hold off Capitals 3-2 to even series

    After sporting 30 saves in game six I think judging by historical rise to occasion in big games that he will rise to this occasion as well. This is a do or die situation and i feel he and the Rangers will be able to arise to the situation and win the series.

  • The Rangers will be victorious against the Capitals.

    Lundqvist, if he is on his game, is going to provide the needed goalie defense and is going to help lift the Rangers over the Capitals in this exciting Stanley Cup playoff series against the odds. Lindqvist is the glue that the Rangers pin their success and hopes on for victory.

  • Nothing is guaranteed

    Lundquist is an outstanding goalie and many would say he has been the top goal tender this season. Having him in net against the Capitals certainly gives the New York Rangers an advantage going into Game 7 but nothing is guaranteed. The Capitals are an an excellent team and the scorers on the team are going to put up a fight. Either team is capable of winning Game 7.

  • No. The Rangers are not sure to win game 7.

    The Rangers are not sure to win Game 7 with Lundqvist in the goal. He has been good in the playoffs so far but the Capitals have been bringing it and I think they are going to eat the New York Rangers in Game 7. The Capitals have been playing better hockey and I believe will beat Lundqvist in the goal.

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