• Yes, I believe print amagzines will be canceled

    I think the Internet is the biggest obstacle for print magazines. People can access the Internet on their phone, tablet and computers and instead of bringing a magazine on a train ride or commute they can use their phone to read the latest news. I think magazine content will continue to exist online, but I don't see the need for paper magazines to continue to exist when all the information is available for free on line and usually with more in depth information. It is also much easier to research interesting articles while already connected to the Internet.

  • Print is here to stay -- for a little while

    The immediate damage to print as a medium is probably stopped. There are a large number of consumers who buy print magazines because they like them. The people who prefer electronic copies are, generally, already getting them.

    Now, it is certainly possible that in a couple of generations print magazines will have been replaced entirely by electronic versions as demographics change. But for right now, print is sticking around.

  • On the plane.

    No, print magazines will not come to an end with more electronics, because we still need to be able to pick something up when we are in a place without technology. When a person is sitting on the beach, or they are in for a long plane flight, they need a hard cover magazine to read.

  • No, print magazines will still exist.

    I do not think that magazines that are printed will cease to exist just because there are more people who are reading articles and info online. I think that print magazines will continue having a place in society. A lot of people will still want to be able to read a regular magazine when they're out in public.

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