With regard to prostitution, are there better alternatives than the Dutch or Swedish policies?

  • The best policy on prostitution is completely opening its doors.

    I think that prostitution should only be legal if there is a regulated health industry to go along with it. The workers should be protected from bad customers and mean bosses and there should be ethical boundaries to make things legal and clean for everyone that is involved inside of the trade.

  • There probably are better alternatives than the Dutch or Swedish policies.

    There probably are better alternatives than the Dutch or Swedish policies. However, not knowing what these alternatives are would be a hard one to debate. The current policies do need to be changed because they are inhumane and too harsh. We will have to wait and see what the alternatives are that they propose and if they are willing to change their policies at all.

  • No, legalization is the way to go.

    Prostitution is a crime without victims, unless you count the fact that most women only enter this kind of work because they are in dire economic straits. Given that, the whole thing needs to be made legal so that the women's health can be guarded and everyone is healthier and not criminalized.

  • No there is not.

    There is no better alternative than the Dutch or Swedish policy when it comes to prostitution. Honestly, I don't know much about how Sweden handles prostitution but I have read and watched many things on Dutch prostitution. Most, if not all, prostitutes are in a brothel were they are pretty safe. This is way better than having a pimp and walking the streets, like in America.

  • No, those are good options.

    If we could find a way to legalize prostitution, then we would not spend time making this a criminal act but would be able to concentrate our police efforts on really harmful activities. And we would be able to make sure that everyone was healthy and stayed healthy instead of risking disease.

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