With respect to the environment, will humanity change its behavior in time?

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  • Humans are too oblivious to the world around them.

    Though I am proud to be a human, I am ashamed to witness our behaviour on earth. I feel as if the human generation can easily be compared to that of a virus, as we ravish the resources on earth to the point of extinction. It is also clear to understand that the ever growing population demands more resources, which unfortunately earth can not provide meaning within time earth be become barren, as we will have exploited the earths natural resources.

    With the increase of deforestation and the demand for more land, soon all of earths green, will become a dull and forgotten land, which once harboured priced beauty. Which supports my view on the human race being a virus, in which the main goal is to devastate the land around.

    But again I am proud too be a human, just disappointed in our true nature.

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