With so many influential artists passing away this year, is it appropriate to call 2016 the year that music died?

  • 2016- The Year that Hit a Sour Note

    From David Bowie to George Michael, 2016 has been a terrible year for musicians. So many have left us over the course of this last year--so much more than any year in recent memory. Talent of many types has been robbed of the world and has greatly added to the discord and the misery of the past 365 days.

  • Yes, I think so.

    When a musician dies it’s always sad. No matter what they were like in their personal lives, their music probably helped at least one person get through a hard time. Because of this, we often feel very close to our favorite musicians and our heart breaks when we hear of recent deaths. Many of the names on this list of musicians who died in 2016 will be shocking.

  • It would be totally inappropriate to call 1026 "the year the music died".

    Granted it was a bad year for music artists passing away but to say it was "the year the music died" would be totally inappropriate. So much good came out of the years as well. There were many artists still alive who had a great year, as well as, many new artists who had a successful year. Why should their success be trivialized by the fact that we lost a lot of exceptional artists along the way?

  • No, that's silly.

    A lot of very influential artists died in 2016, but to say that it's the year that music died would be a huge exaggeration. Music is still very much alive. Even the music of these artists who passed away will live on forever. Their deaths actually inspire more people to listen to their music.

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