With so many malnourished children and homeless families in the United States, does it make sense for the government to spend billions of dollars on our space program?

With so many malnourished children and homeless families in the United States, does it make sense for the government to spend billions of dollars on our space program?
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  • This is my second reason

    Space tech can be used for the good of those that are not as fortunate as us. For example, after the massacres at Rwanda there were several beacons placed in 3rd world countries torn by war. These were used to alert civilian villages if there were aggressive army forces were approaching their area.

  • Space Exploration and Technology is a need in the U.S and around the world

    Space exploration and technology would be a need in the future because Earth would be a polluted place an we would not be able to live on it. Space technology provided the everyday need of GPS and weather. If we stop doing that, the technology would grow old and not updated

  • Space exploration and technology provides benefits for all of society and thus should be funded, despite poverty.

    Space exploration and technology has provided untold benefits to society, such as satellite communications, GPS, flight technology, etc. It is therefore justified that the government makes this a priority. Fighting poverty is important as well and should be addressed, but that is no reason to eliminate science programs and research such as space exploration.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • I support investment in the space program because it provides tremendous benefits to our society through cultural and scientific advancement.

    I think investment in the space program is necessary for the advancement of our society and our civilization. Many technologies are developed through the engineering of extra-planetary missions and exploration of our solar system, and these have tremendous practical value down the road. It also provides an incredible way to unite humanity behind the common goal of furthering the reach of our species and the advancing our quest for knowledge. Investing in programs for the hungry makes all the sense in the world, but we should make sure to allocate resources appropriately, and there are much better alternatives to find these revenues rather than slashing one of our most valuable endeavors, the exploration of the cosmos.

    Posted by: LivingJimmy
  • Yes

    Several discoveries we've made in space have actually helped everyday life. Also this allows us to prepare for any extraterrestrial threats- we could detect a meteor coming at us fast enough to prepare for it. Lastly we barely spend any money on the space program anyways. 0.5%. We can't just spend all our money on one thing.

  • It does make sense for the government to spend billions of dollars on our space program.

    Space program enables us to sharpen our technology, and keep track of space activities including potential threats posed by space programs of the enemies. Plus NASA, as part of the US space program, gives us deeper understanding about our planet, galaxy, weather etc. All this information coming out of NASA and other space programs gives the USA the edge over others. It is not profitable therefore to dump Space program.

    Posted by: ReflectiveJospeh69
  • It does not make sense to cut the space program to feed malnourished and homeless.

    It does not make sense to cut the space program to feed malnourished and homeless because the food stamps program already has gross fraud and mismanagement. Debit cards for food in California have been used to withdraw cash from ATMs at casinos in Las Vegas. I support a program to provide food for the poor or homeless, but I do not support the fraud and abuse that is rampant. First, clean up the existing food programs, then if more funding is needed, cut space programs to add it.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Even with the impoverished families in America, it is still beneficial for the government to continue spending money on its space program, because there are many new technologies coming from research in that field.

    Many new technologies have come out of the space program. So, even though the money is paying for "space exploration", it also allows them to engineer and discover other things that benefit our daily lives.

    Posted by: BDanielle
  • There are too many children starving in our own backyard to spend billions on the Space Program.

    I believe that because the economy is in such poor shape, more children are going hungry. This is especially true in areas like Florida where the poverty rate is skyrocketing. It is far more important that we put money into making sure that children, who are the future of this country, go to bed with full stomachs. This will enable them to do well in school. These students will then be able to enhance things like our space program down the road. The program will have no future if there is no one to run it.

    Posted by: Csabaxpart
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  • I say no

    Instead of spending billions of dollars on space programs, I think that they should give them enough money to live off of for a while and then give them a house. There are so many houses that aren't even used by anyone and they are so high priced. After giving the homeless and starving a home then you can use whatever money is left for space exploration.

  • It does not.

    There are many homeless children and poor living out on the street and NASA spending billions and billions of pounds just to send a few rockets into space. It is not benefiting mankind and I think never will. It is pointless and should be stopped and should have been already .

  • Why do we care?

    Why do we care if there was life on Mars? Why do we care what is beyond our solar system? All I know is that there is life here and it is beautiful, but STARVING!!! Lets take care of what is here first. If NASA was cut back, we could send everybody to university for free and the very best and the very brightest would be able to thrive! Not just those who could afford it!

  • I believe that in order for the US to continue to progress in research and exploration as that of the space program in a responsible way, the US must first attend to and strengthen all Americans' life experiences.

    We cannot continue to give such high financial appropriations to programs and/or services which keep the US on a competitive level with that of other nations to the detriment of our own. People who are the most vulnerable of our population (children, elderly, disabled, and the poor) will remain such without priority being given to the care and the improvement of lives of Americans who are in need.

    Posted by: BurlyWilburn77
  • Social programs ingnored by politicians and Nasa

    By the end of 2015, the government will have spent almost a half a trillion dollars on the space program with very little to show for it except for the profit that industrialist,s (Boeing for one) and investors line their pockets with. Given the cost and sweatheart deals provided by lobbyists to politicians in Washington, it is time for the average taxpayer to speakup and break the monopoly that the corporate world holds on Congress and most of the politicians in Washington. Washington has forgotten Americans and what they stand for; certainly not greed.

  • I think it is disgraceful that the government of this country is aware of the poverty and homelessness, but yet can spend billions on the space program.

    Tune into any news program or read any newspaper and you will see the problems facing this country, such as the unemployment rate and the amount of people on food stamps and other assistance. It is obvious that this country knows that sending a rocket into space isn't helping us with these problems very much. Why doesn't the government put a halt to the space program, even if it's temporary, and focus on the people and send some of that funding our way?

    Posted by: DefectiveConrad72
  • Government must allocate funds according to what is needed most.

    The space program, at this time, is far from being the most important thing for government spending. Homelessness, malnourished citizens, unemployment, and home foreclosures should be the focus of government spending at this time. If a country doesn't have healthy and happy citizens, then the success of that country is in jeopardy. Let's not forget that even though billions of dollars are spent on the space program, the military and defense departments still receive the highest amount of funding from tax dollars.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • It does not make sense for our country to spend billions on a space program with so many needy citizens going without aid.

    The United States, or any country for that matter, cannot justify spending $30 billion a year on a space program for the purpose of exploration when its citizens are without adequate housing, food and health care. If there is intelligent life on other planets, clearly they have maintained distance for a reason. And that reason is that we are so incredibly stupid we will spend $30 billion a year on a space program while our citizens die in the streets from hypothermia, starvation and disease!

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • The US government spends too much money on needless programs while ignoring the suffering of it's citizens.

    When it comes time to vote for humanitarian type legislation such like improving school lunches, expanding health care, and other programs designed to help the poorest of our society funding issues always get in the way. Congress alots billions of dollars to the space program when the cost of a single space craft would fund these programs. It seems as though curiosity is given higher priority of the needs of citizens. While I find space exploration facinating it is best left until after the basic needs of all citizens have been met. It's like going on a cruise when you can't afford to pay your electric bill, it just doesn't make sense.

    Posted by: tae993ag

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