With so many unemployed Americans right now, should the U.S. government temporarily cease legal immigration?

  • Greed has started it all.

    Yes ,the immigrants should not be in our country taking our jobs, but yet have we forgotten the big demands for wage increase from the companies that moved overseas to get cheaper labor. We should have not ask for more than the companies could or would offer. And we all know that started alot of the problems with immigrants working for cheaper wages. We all know that alot of the companies in this country are greedy and will not pay the wages we demand, We need to get off our high horses, & accept that we can live in smaller homes, drive cheaper cars, & not have to go out to eat every night of the week. At lease you wouldn't be homeless or wondering where your next meal was coming from & it might help the country get out of this depicit.

  • 9.7 million UNEMPLOYED

    9.7 ((((million)))) is my supporting argument.

    Maybe the word homelessness, is a better supporting argument?
    THERE are so many unemployed, that congress can't even get a good count on it. Stopped looking?? I've been looking for 7 years and find 7.25 a hour. I made 15 a hour when I was 20. I'm now 47.

  • College Graduates unemployed

    As a college graduate I found it was difficult to search for jobs that were available. As I volunteered at a Food Bank to help out I learned that companies look at the work experience on people's resume. I was on a dig this summer as an intern, but wanted to get paid for it. While volunteering I met people who had the same trouble as I did. I know immigrants want to come here and live a great life, but I don't there is going to be enough room with more college students graduating this year. The real problem is that most companies if not all are not hiring anyone.

  • Yes...It's a no brainer

    I'm an old feller and came from a time when if you didn't work you didn't eat. We had no welfare...Church and family helped each other. We had no unemployment checks. We had no food stamps. At the tender age of eight I had a paper route that I walked until I could earn enough for a bike. I helped area farmers in planting and harvesting seasons. I mowed grass with a non-powered reel type mower and a hand sickle . All the kids did the same thing but now illegals are taking that away from them. As an adult I worked gas stations and restaurants but now those jobs are being filled by mostly non-english speaking folks. I got a job as a carpenters helper and learned how to build things and became a very good framing carpenter. I even started my own business and did well. Look around any subdivision and see how many Americans are out there now. If you hear some hammering in the early morning hours down the street go look. They are re-roofing our houses and most of them are not citizens. Our government sits idly by and lets, even encouraging these things. We cannot allow this to continue folks. We must put our foot down NOW. We must write or call or e-mail our politicians and demand it be stopped. They are shoving this, I hate the term, Comprehensive Immigration Reform down our throats and telling us that the majority of American want it. Did they ask you? They sure didn't ask me. It's clear why the democrats want it isn't it? A built in voting base and the republicans are going along for the same reason. Don't let them do this.

  • Highschool kids need jobs too

    The old argument that Illegals do landscaping and all other jobs that Americans are too lazy to do is bs. There are kids that are about to graduate and just have that need work and there are plenty of us that stay in the construction and landscaping industry as well as farming. We are still out here. We are simple minded conservative country folks though so our voice doesn't count

  • Gum ball effect...

    Watch the gum ball effect in YouTube and you tell me what this nation is gonna be like in 50 years...
    It's scary to think that in 50 years that our nation is gonna be more than double what it is now, with no more jobs coming.. Also with such a huge deficit this country has we are screwed as a country..

  • Of course they should!

    In what way does it make sense to allow an influx of immigrants into this country, of whom all will need employment (maybe not, they'll likely live off tax payers dollars), when jobs are so scarce for many current citizens. That's one of the things wrong with this country; we take care of others before taking care of our own citizens. We send billions in aid to other countries; we fight trillion dollar wars to "liberate" other countries; and we allow legal and illegal immigrants to come here and take jobs. I don't want to here the BS line that they take jobs that most Americans won't do. That's just a load of crap!

  • Yes yes yes

    Most of Americans would not let a couple move in their house [needy] and have 5 kids and use up their resources until they feel pushed out of their own home so why should we let it happen to our country. Next time your in a traffic jam imagine all the foreigners and their cars removed how long would the traffic jam last then. How much money have we spent on roads to fit all the extra people. How much smog in the air from all the extra people. How much money have we spent for their welfare and healthcare. How many more police have to be on payroll. How much tax dollars are spent on dragged out court hearings. [ I believe in helping people stand up not carry them around] . Americans got lazy having foreigners do our dirty work so we started seeing their usefulness but not seeing the damage it has caused, if you mowed your own grass you could teach your child how to. If you built your own shed or house you could show your son how to and so on........ Families use to work together and teach each other values and skills not pay somebody to do it while your on the computer and the kids are texting. A lot of the old ways worked for a reason because that's the way it was meant to be. This got a little off point but then again it didn't.

  • Because citizens come first in any nation!

    Canada also should stop immigration for 5 years until the thousands of citizens are employed. We have 25 years of a slow death to our country, its the same in the US. People should stay in their own nations and take care of their own people first just like 1929.

  • Absolutely, yes they should.

    America needs to prioritize. Take care of it's own people first. Not look for a convenient way to fix problems. Opening up the flood gates and allowing immigrants to come on in to our country is not a wise decision. Most have no intention on assimilating into our culture, they merely segregate themselves and form their own little communities. They want to reap the benefits of being an American, yet expect us to abide by their cultural beliefs and impose them onto us...Because we're suppose to make them "comfortable." What about my rights as a born and raised American citizen, what about my family? Why isn't the government placing more of an emphasis on helping it's own people? The American government has it completely backwards.

  • I do not believe that legal immigrants should be turned away from the United States, so long as they are qualified and already have employment.

    The number of legal immigrants coming to the country is so small, that I do not believe they dramatically affect the jobless rate of American citizens. The security of our economy goes beyond the mere jobless rate, anyway. Bearing that in mind, if legal immigrants are bringing valuable skills to our country, then I fully believe that they have a positive place in our society, even in unsure economic times.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Wimps

    Stop being wimps, America. Go to the farms and fields and regain your independence. Seriously, what immigrants are taking YOUR white collar jobs? Come on, stop being sissies. Is Pedro REALLY working at the call center? Get People Back to Work? Please, Americans run farms because their "Pappies" owned them before. Think about where you live, now think about which illegal is taking your job. Where, at US Bank, at Wells Fargo? At Macy's? Get real. Cry cry cry. Go to the fields and work under the sun for 15 hours a day. You're unemployed and spending the rest of your money to pay for your cell phones.

  • No, I do not think the U.S. government should cease legal immigration.

    Legal immigration has zero negative impact on the job market. Legal immigrants contribute by making more jobs, and paying taxes. What needs to be stopped is illegal immigration, because those persons contribute nothing to jobs other than taking them from legal workers; illegal immigrants also do not pay taxes, and spend very little earned money in the country.

    Posted by: RavidbardeI
  • I do not believe that the U.S. government should cease legal immigration as a way to deal with the high unemployment that Americans are facing now.

    I do not believe that the high unemployment rate in the United States has anything to do with immigration, legal or otherwise. What we need to do is to stop making it attractive for corporations to move jobs from the U.S. to overseas, and instead give incentives to keep and create real jobs right here in the U.S. I'm not an economist, so I don't know exactly how to do this, but immigration is not the problem here.

    Posted by: WillowsG4r3
  • This doesn't even make any sense

    Because you don't want to accept responsibility for not being employed blame it on the thousands of individuals who legally come to this country with the necessary skills to actively and effectively compete in the job market. That doesn't make any since they are searching for the American dream just like the rest of us and as long as they are granted with the legal documents to live in the U.S then they are entitled to the same job opportunities as every other American. It is a dog eat dog world out here everybody trying to get on top. Don't be upset because an "immigrant" comes in and takes your job and actually performs it better. Take responsibility for your unemployment and take the initiative into finding yourself a job just like what the immigrants are doing...

  • Doesn't make sense to freeze LEGAL immigration

    There are thousands of US citizens waiting to have their love ones such as wife, children, parents over here from overseas. Some people who argue on the other side do not understand is that ceasing the legal immigration DO NOT provide them with jobs. If you are unemployed, try and look for the job, don't blame on to the immigrant. This is a new era and time that Americans to realize that there is a need to compete to the world so be ready, gain more skills and get your jobs back.

  • Legal immigration should be expanded to combat unemployment, not temporarily ceased.

    Legal immigration is used to fill two kinds of jobs. One kind are jobs that Americans just will not do, and are largely agricultural. The second are specialized positions where there is a shortage of native talent. American business relies on being able to attract the best and brightest minds from around the world. This gives us a competitive edge over other nations. It is indeed legal immigrants who often come up with the ideas and developments that corporations rely on for expansion of business. That leads to growing economic quarters and jobs.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Immigration should be allowed regardless of the economy.

    The rate of unemployment should have no bearing on legal immigration. In fact, to allow the population of the US to grow helps to increase the demand in terms of supply, which should in turn help to create more jobs. Generally, those people just immigrating would not be as qualified as Americans who have been here awhile anyway, so the jobs will likely not go to new residents.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • No the U.S. should not temporarily suspend immigration. It will be bad for the economy.

    I do not think the U.S. should suspend immigration because doing so will hurt the economy. With legal immigration comes the prospect of new job creation. Many immigrants come here and open businesses which help stimulate the economy. Also more people in our country means more spending, which means more economic stimulation. People who think we should stop immigration are looking at the short term. In the long run, I think it will help our country.

    Posted by: 5c4ryEIn
  • I do not think that the current employment rate of Americans should cause all legal immigration to cease because history proves that America have benefited greatly from immigration.

    Legal immigration should be allowed to continue. I believe America has always benefited greatly from legal immigration. I think stopping all immigration would actually send the wrong message to the rest o the world that we are no longer the land of opportunity. As long as immigration is done legally, I believe it can actually help our economy as it always has.

    Posted by: N0rInsanity

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