With the advanced technology, (i.E. Cellphones, computers, social media) is the world becoming a safer place for our youth?

Asked by: Arixinc
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  • I honestly don't believe so.

    Yeah sure, there is new technology that helps us kids and anybody in general to become safer, like faster fire detectors, or better burglar alarm systems. And it helps people because "it's easier to access." Tsk tsk tsk, exactly... Easier to access. As time passes by, technology gets better, by the day arguably. WE now have robots with emotions, acting on their own, cars that drive themselves, ensuring safety on the roads, and easier ways to open the back trunk of your car. Well, there you can see many issues (I can anyways), and lets start with the easier way the open your cars back trunk. The commercial goes like, " hands full of groceries and cant open your back trunk? Then buy this new Honda (or whatever it was) and just simple kick the bottom of the trunk of the car and it opens for you!" Sigh... I sigh every time I used see that commercial. Do they not see common sense? Because of this, the car can be stolen even easier! Like seriously? Literally anybody can open it, just with a simple tap to the bottom. *Shakes head* Now down to the last example that I'm going to use since I'm running out of time. The cars that drive on their own. I remember watching the news a few years back, when this was first mentioned. It was proven, by a anchorman who has almost no hacking skills whatsoever, you guessed it, that the car could be hacked from his phone, seemingly effortlessly. Argue against that.

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