With the fatal fail of Windows RT, should Microsoft throw in the tablet towel?

  • Microsoft is too late to the tablet game

    With the ongoing popularity of the Ipad, Microsoft should back out of the tablet market. The consumers have become accustomed to looking to apple for quality in tablet services and have recently started to loose trust in Microsoft's OS capabilities. People who are not happy with Apple products also generally choose Google's Android OS tablets as an alternative.

  • Yes, Microsoft should focus on other things.

    Microsoft really shouldn't be trying too hard to move into the tablet market. There are already two systems (iPad and Android) that are highly in use, and developers who create apps have to tweak them to work on different devices. It's difficult to believe they'd welcome yet another hurdle in releasing their apps. Perhaps Microsoft could work to develop apps and products for the devices that already exist.

  • Microsoft should not give up.

    The Windows RT, may have been a failure, but that does not mean that Microsoft should completely give up on making tablets. Microsoft should be able to learn from this and figure out how they can make their next product better than the last. Just because the Windows RT was a failure, doesn't mean future products will be a failure as well.

  • They need to work on it

    I think pulling completely out of the tablet game would be a bad idea. Windows should put more effort into studying what they failed at and work to make sure that is taken care of, and they need to do alot of advertising to show people they have taken care of the issues and that their new product is of good quality.

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