With the improvement in the economy, should the previous cap of food stamps benefits be reinstated?

  • Yes we cannot support everyone.

    I would not only stop food stamps I would revamp the whole system. No food stamps, a dietician comes out, orders what you need and it is delivered. Food stamps are sold constantly for drugs. This way, if you sell the food you get, too bad. I would stop checks altogether. A place to live is provided, food is provided, clothes would be issued as needed and that is it. I bet a lot more people would go back to work if this was the case.

  • People need to earn.

    Yes, the previous cap on food stamps should be reinstated, because people need to learn how to earn their own money. People need to learn that they should work if they want to eat. Nobody starves in America. If a person is hungry they can go to a food bank and get healthy food, rather than alcohol.

  • Yes, the previous cap of food stamps benefits should be reinstated.

    The 3 month limit for childless adults that are not in a work or training program for 20 hours per week should be reinstated. This work program requirement is beneficial for the SNAP's effectiveness and for helping lift people out of poverty, as the training programs offered by states provide important tools and training needed to increase employability and stimulate economic activity.

  • Yes, the earlier cap to food stamps benefits should be reinstated.

    At the onset of the financial crash and ensuing economic crisis, extending food stamps benefits made a lot of sense. Many American workers were out of their jobs, with little hope of getting a new job in the immediate future. Food stamps are a good way to make sure these people's basic needs are met. But now that the economy is improving, workers should return to work and food stamps benefits should return to their previous cap.

  • Food stamps need to always be in place, and it needs to be on an individual basis.

    Just because the economy moves up or down, we need to keep the food stamp program running in an individual approach. We cannot have starving families and children. The benefits need to stay reasonable so that those who need the help are getting it. Don't let the economy's moves control the food stamp program.

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