With the nation's economy in a financial slump, should we spend government money on space exploration?

  • Yes we should fund space exploration

    In case you did not hear in 2018 there might be human footprints on mars. Space ex is gonna launch more people into space. 2individuals will go around the moon and back again in 2018 it is unknown to the public who they are but they will do it. We need another planet a backup incase this one fails.

  • I don’t think that we should spend government money on space exploration with the nation's economy in a financial slump.

    I don’t think that we should spend government money on space
    exploration with the nation's economy in a financial slump. This country is just coming out of the
    biggest recession since The Great Depression.
    We need to be investing our money in alternative energy and health
    care. We don’t have money to waste on
    space exploration.

  • Yes we should.

    With the nation's economy in a financial slump, we should still be spending government money on space exploration. The amount of money that we spend on space exploration is almost nothing compared to the other things. If we want to save money, we should really cut down the spending on the military.

  • Yes, space exploration is important

    Yes, I think that taking care of the economy should be the primary concern, but learning about the universe is also very important. I would be OK with some cuts, but to cut it altogether would be a mistake. We might have to rely upon the space program for the sake of the human race someday, should the Earth become uninhabitable.

  • No Space Exploration

    Space exploration should be left to private entities with a little assistance from NASA. However, we shouldn't fund space exploration while our economy is in such bad shape. We need to spend out government's money on smart improvements that will solidify the economy and make things start picking up once again.

  • Don't we have enough problems?

    Don't we have enough problems here at home? With the amount of money going into pointless space exploration, we could be providing people with much needed social programs, open up homeless shelters, create new jobs for the many unemployed. There's absolutely no need for the government to be spending money on the space program right now.

  • Let's take care of things on terra firma, please.

    Hey, I love space. I've seen all the Star Treks, even the lousy Enterprise ones. I followed the Shuttle missions closely. Go space! But with all the suffering we have in our nation, here on Earth, I can't help but think that maybe we should do a better job addressing those programs before we explore the final frontier.

  • No, we should not spend money on space exploration during difficult times.

    This is a difficult question, because NASA's technology has also added value (through inventions) to our lives here on Earth. But I think that when our economy is suffering, we need to cut a lot of unnecessary spending. Part of our space exploration has been about being in a "space race" and trying to outdo other countries. I feel like we have come a long way since the 1960s, when we had this competitive spirit and need to beat out others. We're now a more global world, and what one country accomplishes, we can all benefit from and celebrate. So, even though it might go against what our country has done in the past, it would make sense to reign things in a bit with unnecessary expenditures like the space program.

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