With the recent integration of the US military, allowing women combat roles, should all females now have to register for the draft at 18?

Asked by: president_Ian
  • If equality is truly what they want!

    With secretary of Defense Ash Carter's recent announcement, I believe that all females must register for the draft at age 18, same as it is for males when they turn 18. If the goal of this decision is to provide equality, then draft registration for all American 18 year olds must take place immediately.

  • It's Equality. Period.

    Equality goes both ways. We are int he twenty-first century. It is time to stop picking and choosing politically correct cases when equality should exist or when privilege should be given. Integrating the draft would just be an example of that. Of course, if it happened, you'd likely see those some people who fought for women to be able to fight protesting the sexist act of treachery.

    But if equality is to exist, governmental institutions must act with equal judgement, not only when it is convenient towards their agenda.

  • It's Just Equality

    Women want to prove that they can be equal to men, so why shouldn't they have to register for selective service? After all, women have fought so hard to be able to serve our country, isn't it fair to them and to men that they have the same legal requirements they do?

  • Fuck you yes they should

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