With the right leader do you think Communism could actually work in America?

  • Follow the true meaning of communism

    Communism is a nutshell is the fact that everyone works for the good of the community and everything is shared equally among the people. We have seen utopias like this happen in the world such as the Puritans and other societies that are SIMILAR to communism. True communism has no government, it is a way of life that is ruled by all who partake in it.

  • I think that it could work.

    Communism is the belief that the people rule. That currency is worthless. Stalinism is often called Communism, while truly it isn't. The Chinese follow Maoism, which is technically Communism, though it's basically Ultra Capitalism. You have a few mega rich people, but a large majority of it's poor people working their tails off blindly. Communism lowers the unemployment rate, but raises the rate of prisoners per capita. True Communism hasn't been pulled off...Ever, really. If the right leader established true Communism, yes, it'd work.

  • Democracy effing suks

    My man stalin knew what was good. Make people equal because capitalism was sent from the devil. Feed the rich to BIG daddy putin!! God has left us the communist manifesto is the new bible live by the word. Eat the arms of ur children to stay alive. God bless.

  • Theoretically, if we STARTED Communist then yes.

    Whilst in modern America, a civil war is unavoidable when faced with different views on governments, like democracy and communism. If we started off as communist or even grew to the belief, it would work fine. We have the resources to do so. The main reason communism in the Soviet Union fell was due to the corruption of power. Equal for all except me, I get more.

  • Yes, it could work.

    The true idea of communism has never been attempted, and with the right leader in charge it could definitely work. Stalinism and Maoism are extreme variations of communism, true communism could and would work in america today. If we had the right leader who wouldn't be corrupted, America would prosper under a communist way of life.

  • Shared goods and tons of money.

    We'll see I don't understand why people have a sharing problem if we all receive equal I'm sure we will be happy because America has a nice amount of resources. And everyone makes the same amount. I know your problably thinking why would a farmer get as much as a brain surgeon, well if a is no there to make the food, raise it, and kill it, than the brain surgeon can not eat thus he can not work so everyone is equally important. Also America is a very rich country so the amount you are payed could be like $13.00 so there is why are economy would be good, also the the food we receive.

  • Communism would work greatly!

    Most Americans complain that people are lazy and play video games all the time. In a communist country, you can't be lazy or you won't get paid, so ultimately, there will be less bums and less homeless people. Also, a hint of socialism would be great too. I think communism would work better than capitalism in America.

  • Okay so reaistically, it could work. The only reason that most people say it couldn't is because of the nasty reputation that Stalin gave it.

    Think this way, if we could find someone who wasn't corrupted by the power of captialism, we could in theory find a way to make it so that they stayed in power long enough, as long as they have the proper wants that we would want to have in a leader, like the selflessness we haven't seen in this country s many many years. Since the 1700s at least. That leader could set everyone in the right mindset to allow the good traits of communism to shine through, it only hasn't because of previous leaders going mad with power and punishment. Or just dying.

  • Yes we can

    With the right path , right leader, and teachings of Karl Marx we can progress with communism at our side. We need to realize communism is of equality and if everyone were in the same position we won't have an elite 1% so let's give it a try old boys

  • Communism is pretty neat

    Look at the Russians. Look at them. LOok AT tHEM!@!!. We as the United Staytes of Americka are the future of not only the Earth but also the World. When the Nazis killed a bnunch of Jews, the JEws died because they werent Commies. Team Americka YEah go communism yeah

  • ABSOULUTLY POSITIVELY NOT!!!... Of course, Obama is pulling it off (OOOOOOOOOOOOH)

    But seriously, another Civil War would easily break out. If the US Government even took our guns away, let alone if it turned communist. Once any nation, no matter how powerful it is, strays away from its original constitution, it falls. If the constitution worked for 200 years, dont stray away from it.
    If the US went in to a civil war, just like we supported the Syrian rebels, other nations would support us. Rebel forces would probably get the support of NATO forces, and other non-communist countries, while the us, the country that is trying to turn communist, would get help from Russia, and other old Soviet states and countries.

  • A government with total control of the economy and the people's social values will never work for freedom/equality or our benefit.

    Communism has reigned in many European countries and it has never worked for the peoples' overall good or benefit. Many millions of Christians and those who would not compromise for the government were mercilessly murdered, starved to death, and taken away from their families and so on and so forth. All forms of government have their own downfalls, but communism is the worst of them all! There is absolutely no freedom, and truly, everyone (besides the government leaders and secret police and all) is only "equal" in poverty and debasement. In many cases in the freezing cold of night, communist's would poor icy water on Christians until they froze to death and became icicles. Even those who worked very hard on their crops and followed the rules were treated like crap and not acknowledged. In America, with our many corporate interests and that 1% of the elite class, no way will communism ever work! That would be a nightmare! Communism is for a perfect world; and as everyone knows, this world has never been perfect, and never will be.

  • Must Read:

    Young people Must read this link to understand the horrors of communism and those who have lived under it. It does not work. America is where immigrants fled to get away from communist countries. They wanted to be free from complete control of every aspect of their life. America is the best place to live. Our founders believed in freedom for all and pursuit of our dreams and aspirations. If you want to live under communism, move to North Korea where you will work as a slave to the Dear Leader.

  • Why is this even debatable?

    Simply no, it wouldn't work. There would be no desire to grow up and make money. People don't understand how good they have it, we have choices. It's fair for every middle class family to become rich you just need to work hard enough for it. Communism has killed millions and it just doesn't work because the top 1% own everything and have to much power. Here everyone has a choice and a chance to speak. China is trying to slowly push it away because they know they cant grow there economy past a curtain point. This is why communism doesn't work in general.

  • Constitutionally, Communism CANNOT be put into affect in America

    I'm sure any respectable debater that's debating United States-focused questions like these already knows that the American constitution and declaration of independence are centered around a John Locke-like morality. As such, there are three natural, inalienable rights that reign supreme. In the Declaration of Independence these are stated as "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." However, in John Locke's book "Second Treatises of Government" he claims these rights as "Life, Liberty, and Property."

    Now, when we investigate what, currently, money is... Well, in essence, a currency is part of someone's property. Someone owns currency they fairly obtained, and to steal someone's money is an infringement of the right of property, as such why it's illegal. However, this brings up implications when it comes to Communism. That being that it would be an infringement on one of our Natural Rights.

    Now, the problem with this is that, as John Locke stated, again, in "The Second Treatise of Government," government is essentially there to protect the citizens' Natural Rights. As such, by enacting communism, you're REMOVING a Natural Right, and as such, making the government no longer just. And, in the consideration of the USA, it would be breaking our very foundation.

  • To many people

    Communism would only work in a small population like a township because you can manage them. To many people you cannot track the things people are doing and this leads to unequal workers and rations etc . . . . . . .. . .. .. . . . . .

  • It is Fundamentally Broken

    The idea that everyone is equal in this system in itself is wrong. Naturally people have different skills and abilities and to make those who put more effort into their work receive the same benefits as someone who does far less in itself is unequal and unfair. This is before we even mention the fact that no one wants their life prospects to be called and out of their hands but the difference with communism is that regardless of your ability you are condemned to a standard decided by others. Of course there is also the classic reason that people will exploit this system, however with the right leader this will probably start from the bottom and rise to the top in time rather than the usual exploitation by the leaders of communist nations of the past.

  • Not in the American dream

    Theoretically, it has never (in is true meaning) been applied to any Nation/State. Communism needs full support of all the people and leaders. It is very impractical in the United States. The United States is a democratic republic. The peoples identity, the governmental laws, and the economy is to much wrapped in the concept. Communism can work anywhere, in fact any government can work any where. But it is a pipe dream.

  • No, Wish It Would

    To me, socialism is a much better answer. It's much more free than communism. If people cooperated and weren't so stuck up or racist, communism would work anywhere. It really boils down to the people in the end. The reason for the negative view on communism is because it is often associated with dictatorship. We associate it with dictatorship because all current and former communist countries just happened to be dictatorships. Full on communism isn't good. I agree with more of a halfway socialism.

  • NOOOOOO we cannot have communism

    Communism is only a theory, that was put to practice multiple times. The Soviet Union tried to acheive communism and failed as did cuba. The countries with communism have the lowest standerd of living case in point, North Korea. WE CANNOT HAVE COMMUNISM, under any circumstances no matter who is leader.

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