With the risk of tornadoes, would you want to live in or near Dallas, TX?

  • Disasters can happen anywhere

    Disasters can happen anywhere no matter you are and not just in Dallas. There is a risk of tornadoes throughout a large portion of the United States. Earthquakes, floods, wildfires and avalanches happen in other areas. These risks shouldn't prevent people from living in any city that provides them with good working and economic activities or the lifestyle they want.

  • Yes, I would still live in or near Dallas

    No region is entirely safe from natural disaster. Whether it be blizzard, hurricane, landslide, tsunami, or any other of the myriad ways nature has of killing people, every region has some natural danger associated with it. Furthermore, such events are extremely rare. Were I to reject the option of living in Dallas, it would not be due to fear of a rare, unpredictable event.

  • Some places in the U.S. are prone to natural disasters such as tornadoes and should be avoided

    No, many people would not want to live near Dallas Texas. People have choices for where they want to live. Urban flat areas are built up with many residential communities and all the necessary amenities for day-to-day living. These are safe areas. People in disaster-prone areas need to be informed and have an emergency strategy in place. They should have adequate insurance policies. People should change living areas if they have lived through a natural disaster.

  • No, I would not want to live in Dallas, TX

    Dallas, Texas is right below tornado alley, and is subject to many tornadoes and tornado scares. I would not want to put my family in harms way nor put myself in a position where I could lose my home with it. For this same reason I would not want to live in FL or the southeast because of the risk of hurricanes.

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