With the tweet regarding Marc Rich's pardon, is the FBI playing politics?

  • Yes, I think so.

    So, too, with the strange case of the FBI and Hillary Clinton’s emails, which is now dominating the US presidential campaign. The FBI had previously “completed its investigation” in July, concluding that while she was careless, no crime was committed when Mrs Clinton used a personal, instead of a government, server to exchange emails about classified information. And the FBI’s decision to go public about its reopened investigation on the flimsiest of grounds shows that conspiracy theorists are more influential than ever. Not just politicians but supposedly independent government institutions are now pandering to the paranoid. But taking these wild ideas seriously doesn’t defuse them – it bolsters their power and makes the US increasingly ungovernable.

  • Yes, they are.

    The FBI is playing politics. This is evidenced with the tweet regarding Marc Rich's pardon. They had no right to say that about him. The tweet sparkled a lot of questions from the public. It became a high concern since most of the people viewed it as a political aspect.

  • Yes, the FBI is playing politics.

    The FBI is an organization, but it is run by individuals, and something certainly seems fishy about the way they are releasing documents so close to the presidential election. The release of information about Marc Rich's pardon is another example of this. It certainly would seem that the FBI is, in fact, playing politics.

  • No, they are not.

    The FBI is trying to be fair and honest and to be transparent about what is going on. Yes, individual members might have a particularly person that they want to win, but that does not mean they cannot be impartial as an organization. Not all FBI members are going to share the same political views.

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