With the unemployment rate dropping but wages not keeping up with inflation, do you feel the economy is really improving?

  • US Economy: More Jobs Same Pay

    I believe the economy is improving despite the wages staying the same. I think getting people into jobs is productive for our economy. The unemployment rate is at an all time low, I believe it's been twelve years since it's been this low. Our first step was jobs, now we need to pay those workers correctly. The economy is on it's way to a great improvement.

  • Unemployment Rate Is Not The Only Measure

    Economic health can certainly be measured by how many people are employed, but other factors come into play. If everyone is working but making one dollar an hour, can anyone really say that the economy is improving? It is hard to suggest increasing economic health when people are working hard but can't afford to pay their bills.

  • No, the economy is not really improving.

    From the standpoint of the average US worker, it's hard not to become more than a little jaded concerning the constant media discussion of the US economy. Too often it seems that the different between a good economy and a bad economy is a distinction most truly felt by the 1%. Sure, these differences have affected the many unemployed over the last half a decade or so, but even as jobs have come back, wages have remained stagnant, as they had before the financial crisis, and that doesn't look to change now either, even as pundits claim the economy is in recovery.

  • Economy is Stagnant

    The unemployment rate drop is mostly due to part-time workers and people dropping out of the workforce. Wages are dropping and people are working less hours. Most of the current job growth is in relatively low wage, part-time work. With the growth in food stamps and Medicaid, it is hard to see how the economy is doing well.

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