With their recent demolition of the Bucks, do the Bulls have what it takes to beat Lebron and the Cavs?

  • Had it long before

    I think the Bulls are the better team regardless of what just happened in their game against the Bucks last night. With Kevin Love being out and a young inexperienced Cavs team who is still figuring itself out i think the bulls will take this. Derrick Rose is really starting to come back into form it appears.

  • There's a very good chance.

    The Cavs are missing two of their starting players which puts them at an immediate disadvantage. While the Bulls have been known to struggle, they seem to be a team that reacts well when they are under acute pressure. This is a strong psychological benefit and might allow them to beat the Cavs.

  • Past primes Bulls to succeed now

    Lebron James said the Bulls are a team and that was better than what the Bucks were. There is not a truer statement than that. It is a time honored tradition that the Bulls plow ahead through adverse conditions. They always seem to come through in the toughest of times.

  • No, the Bulls don't have the consistency necessary to beat the Cavaliers

    The 2014-15 Bulls have frustrated Chicago fans all season. Despite having one of the most talented and deep teams in the NBA, they have never been able to put together a string of good games in a row. Lebron and Kyrie Irving are too good and too consistent, and the Cavs will beat the Bulls in six games.

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