With women in combat, will the military finally address its epidemic of sexual assault?

  • Military Admits to Sexual Abuse in Combat Zones and Says Yes to Investigating

    Sexual assaults are almost common in combat and work zones in the military, and have been overlooked since the induction of the armed forces. My experiences have been that the outcome depends on rank, position, and has little to do with the circumstances. You have to admit to a problem before it can be addressed, and I believe the military is finally acknowledging the problem exists. Now that they have publicly stated it occurs, they have no choice but to delve into the prior sexual abuse and harassment complaints that have been piling up for years. The media also have a stronghold of this situation and will not let it be brushed aside any longer.They will demand answers, investigative results, and heavily scrutinize what course of action the military takes. Why the military chose to open their eyes does not matter, the fact is, they are now publicly wide open.

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  • No, I wish they would though

    Going from what I know about the military so far, I would say its highly unlikely. The military does not seem keen to address any pressing social issues. It took them this long just to let women in combat zones. I seriously doubt they have the capacity. They lack women in higher positions so to them I think its not a big enough issue, and no one wants to tackle it.

  • Probably not

    The military isn't big on addressing its internal problems when it can deflect from them instead. I don't see how this would have any impact on one of the longer quiet traditions that goes on with some members of the armed service, it shouldn't hurt or help the problem in any way.

  • NO

    I seriously doubt that they will because women being in combat doesn't really make that much of a difference. When you have an organization that is about nine to one in favor of one gender, and you have post traumatic stress disorder running rampant in our soldiers, you can't realistically do a whole lot about it more than what's already happening.

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