Should the US withdraw all of its troops from Afghanistan?

  • One big mistake

    We should not be wasting more of our lives or they civilian lives. We were sold on a lie at the disc respect of those killed on 9/11 and went into Iraq and Afghanistan. We had every right to move into Afghanistan, but Iraq was a big cover up by the Bush administration. Our objective was to kill those responsible, we did, lets get out.

  • The war is just a big government agenda, nothing is being done.

    The 154 suicides for active duty troops in the first 155 days of 2012 is staggering. That's one of our brave men killing himself every day for half a year and it's not getting any better. It's a war we've been fighting over a decade and what have we accomplished? The people of Iraq have been apposing US forced because they don't want them there, hundreds of children have been killed by drone strikes alone in the past six months. Iraq hasn't even valued their currency on the world market yet and this begs the question.. Why are we even there? We killed the man apparently responsible for 9/11 (You can clearly see the tower exploding before the plane even hits it). Iraq is still 3rd world, Afghanistan is still an active war zone and our economy is in the pot.

    The war was a huge mistake in the first place, just greedy politicians wanting a hand on Oil, and that 1 Billion dollar vane of Lithium they found in Afghanistan. What we need to do is bring them take them out of Afghanistan and help those in Iraq who still suffer. As well as focus our money on protecting the lives of Americans not killing kids with drone strikes.

  • They must finish what they have begun

    You cannot go into a country, destroy its infrastructure kill thousands of civilians, then just come out... Obama MUST build back the country he destroyed. The thousands of civilians killed must have been at the expense of something, at least to get the girls back into a safe place, at this current state it was way safer for women and children when the Taliban actually ruled...

  • No, Some Troops Need To Stay

    Even with the massive pullout to come, there should be some forces left to advise the Afgan government and train their troops. Plus, you have to look at where Afghanistan is on the map. There should be covert intelligence gathering, just due to Pakistan and Iran's would-be influence in the area.

    Posted by: rpr

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