Withdrawing from Iraq: Are the politics in Iraq hopeless, warranting a withdrawal?

  • Tsk tsk tsk

    - How come we haven't accomplished anything significant? Hehehe well, see how long have we been in Iraq? 10 years? Something like that...
    We are basically sitting in somebodies backyard, trying to spread our own ideas of "democracy" (which technically we aren't even democracy) with so little success! Countless US dollars, lives, and time have been spent overseas trying to spread new ideas to people who
    A. Don't want us there
    B. Have lived by their own laws and codes for decades
    C. Are so hellbent on their country and honor and religion its almost like by us going in and participating, we are painting over there ideas

    I stand with you, lets pull our troops slowly and bring them home, focus on our own security, bring some husbands home to their wives, and quit spending so much capitol in a country where we are not making hardly any impact other than in American taxpayers pockets and in the lives of our troops on the ground

  • Yes, politics in Iraq are hopeless.

    We have spent over 10 years in Iraq with little results. The politics in Iraq are not working and represent another failed mission by former President Bush. We should immediately withdraw food and troops from Iraq. Every minute spent there is a waste of precious resources of the United States.

  • The United States should not be involved in the internal affairs of Iraq.

    The political situation in Iraq is indeed pretty hopeless, with major ethnic and religious faults separating the country. It is doubtful that any form of acceptable national government can be formed or recognized by all of Iraq's communities. Regardless, it the United States should not occupy Iraq or interfere with its internal politics, even if were to have a stable political situation.

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