Withdrawing from Iraq: Is the Iraqi economy progressing (yes) or hopeless (no)?

  • Iraq economy will begin progressing

    As the large scale infrastructure projects begin in rebuilding the war torn country, the economy will begin gaining jobs and grow. As with all countries after war, there is a period of recession, but as the progress of rebuilding begins, economies grow. I believe the greater question is if the economy will be able to maintain the growth at the end of rebuilding with the instability in the country's social structure.

  • No, I do not believe that the Iraqi economy is progressing.

    I do not believe that the Iraqi economy is progressing, because America's troops have been there for ten years. I believe that if the Iraqi economy was progressing America's troops would have been deployed home by now. I believe the Iraqi economy is hopeless because it has been ten years now. If America's presence hasn't made a difference in the progress of the Iraqi economy in ten years, it never will.

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