Withdrawing from Iraq: Will a withdrawal be better for democracy in the world?

  • Withdrawal from Iraq is good for world democracy.

    Withdrawal from Iraq is good for world democracy. America shouldn’t have been involved in Iraq
    anyway. The terrorists who attacked
    America on 9/11 weren’t from Iraq. As
    long as America has soldiers embedded in Iraq, there will be increased tensions
    in the area. When we leave, we will have
    more soldiers available to be sent to other places in the world where they are

  • War Ruins Lives

    Democracy is government based on the will of those governed. In Iraq, constant violence and a perpetually present foreign occupation force makes Iraqis feel like they have less sovereignty. They also live in constant fear that they or someone they know and love will be killed at any time because of the war. All of these factors undermine true democracy.

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