Within a decade will network TV be a thing of the past?

  • Yes, nothing of interest on it anymore.

    It is being replace by technology. Unless one is very involve and into the world, tv holds no interest. Even the news reporting is not reliable anymore. Day tv is as bad as evening programming. How important is it to break away from some program to follow a car chase? The talk show are silly and fit tabloid tv. If my children were young, there would not be a tv in the house, and their time on computer would be limited.

  • Yes, in the next decade network TV will be a thing of the past

    The internet has totally changed the face of television, of news, sports and entertainment alike. How we view it, our opinions on it, and when we get it, have all been dramatically altered by the medium. More and more people are opting to get their media fix from sources outside of television, from blogs, from video sharing websites, from streams, just anywhere but the TV itself. The need for it has become lessened, and in the case of news in particular, the trust in it has as well. It is a dying relic, a throwback to an era before such mass consumption existed or was available. In time as the older generation that grew up with it passes on and is replaced by the current generation who has relied on it less, so too will it pass on with them.

  • Baby Boomers Still Rule...

    Television is in the home and the Baby Boomers are there too. It's relaxation, it's company and so far, it is still affordable. As food, taxes and medical expenses become higher and higher, we need a "safe respite." Home has it all! When the car is taken away, walking is harder, and newspapers are no longer printed (can't see the print anyway) then the home will be "the" best place to be. The youngsters who constantly text, streaming and still working and able to travel maybe they won't use tv as much or not at all, but they'll jump aboard anything that is "in."

  • If you were to say a decade or two from now then say "within a decade..." then probably.

    We've been chasing technology and scientific progress since the dawn of humankind. Admittedly it's accelerated exponentially since the 20th century. I believe in 2013, we're currently in a long transition phase for where we're getting the majority of our media from. Newspapers and television over the entire world are still extremely relevant and will be for quite some time. For network TV to become a thing of the past - that's to say that it'll be obsolete and be replaced by something else - we'll probably need to wait for the current younger generations to grow older. If you think about it, older generations are generally less willing to receive their media via the internet. They've been brought up with TV and newspapers as their primary source for media. The younger generations (my generation) are receiving most of their primary media sources from the internet. Until this younger generation get older, with future generations embracing the advances in media sources, we're still going to see network TV for many years to come.

  • TV is here to stay

    TV has become a cornerstone of American society and culture. Americans love watching television, and television ratings have consistently gone up. New shows are constantly being made, and the industry has a lot of influence. How would television even be replaced? It provides us with entertainment that is easy and convenient. Television isn't going anywhere.

  • They'll dig in their heels.

    Let's face it, network TV is already obsolete-- there are all kind s of specialized ways to receive TV programs, whether it is cable channels devoted to specific interests, the Internet, Netflix, or whatever else. However, networks continue to exist because they don't want to go out of business and they have a vested interest in staying in business. So, they'll dig in their heels and continue to tough it out, just like they are now.

  • Television Service Should be Available to Everyone Regardless of Income

    Even though more people are taking advantage of online entertainment options, I do not believe that network television is fated to go the way of the dinosaur.

    Basic television service is necessary to provide senior citizens and low income households with information and entertainment options. Network television also keeps people informed about news, weather and other events happening locally. Public broadcasting also provides educational and cultural options that might otherwise be unavailable to people with limited incomes.

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