Within the next 50 years will space travel to our solar system's furthest planets be possible?

Asked by: Odinochestva
  • Always has been

    Of course, it's still is going to take a very long time. We've gotten equipment out of the solar system already, it's just taken decades. Since technology advances extremely quickly, however, we will have faster and more efficient equipment in a few decades. There's already a plan to take pictures of the nearest solar system (80 year wait for the pictures after launch I believe?).

  • It's becoming more of a reality

    This will eventually become the norm, just notice how quickly our technology is growing, how advance it's becoming, it is just a matter of time before we can travel through the cosmos. Currently we have independent industries having space flights available to the general public so space travel is very interesting venture that many will like to take. Also, its imperative that we do begin to search for other worlds seeing that ours won't be here forever and we will need to find another home eventually.

  • It's not possible

    Just recently we have had the first space shuttle to reach outside the solar system which was launched decades ago. We barely have the technology to land on Mars. Besides the rest of the planets are made up of gas so it will take lots of work to be able to land there. It can be done in the future, but not in 50 years.

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