Within the next ten years will China achieve complete domination of the Olympic games?

  • China is very consistence in doing things.

    China is good in almost any field, not only in sports issues. Right now we have seen how their athelets perform at world championships, and also the how they ranked first in the 2008 olympics and 2nd in the 2012 London Olympic game. In Brazil olympic later, I guarantee, China will be on top and undefeatable by any other countries.

  • Of course not

    China is a growing superpower that's for sure but there are many great athletes all over the world, China may win it's share of medals but they will not have " complete domination " over the games.

    The winter games do not favor China nor do many of the team sports such as baseball, basketball, curling ect.

  • U.S. Dominance Will Not Wane

    China had a great showing in the 2008 Summer Olympics, hosted in Beijing. Yet the Chinese aren't the only Olympic power in the world. The United States and Russia are still huge countries in the world stage of athletic competition. China has entered the Olympic foray and the country's athletes have steadily gotten better. Yet the United States won't go away anytime soon.

  • No China won't achieve complete domination of the Olympics in the next decade

    While it may be true they can breed some of the best athletes in the world almost from birth, there are far too many variables and sports to say that any one country, even China could dominate an entire Olympics. It's just not a realistic thought. There's too many good athletes from other countries in different sports, with more coming down the pike I am sure, to be able to actually say this could happen.

    Is it possible? Maybe, but I don't see it happening, just too many different variables as I said to be able to make that prediction.

  • No, traditional Olympic powers will still find success

    While China's Olympic program has taken significant strides in the past few Olympic Games, I believe that traditional Olympic powers like the U.S., Germany and Russia, will continue to experience success against China in the Olympics. There are too many great athletes and facilities in other parts of the world for China to completely dominate the Olympics.

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