Without the technology would the music of Andrew Bird still be good?

  • Music is music

    People are very polarized by music in so many ways, but the idea that certain music is good or bad is inherently wrong. Regardless of what you think about Andrew Bird and technology in his music, not having technology would still allow him to make music that people would consider good.

  • Yes, without technology it would still be good.

    The music of Andrew bird would still be very good. Music is usually not determined by the technology, it is determined by the skill and passion that an artist has in their music. Therefore, I think the music of Andrew Bird would still be very good without the technology today.

  • Still Plays a Mean Violin

    Andrew Bird's primary instrument is the violin. And although he's not Mozart, anyone who can play that instrument with his fervor is good no matter how modern technology works the piece over. Bird's popularity is unquestioned as the indie rocker does great improvisations on stage. Anyone who inspires kids to seek an interest in classical instruments such as the violin can't be a bad musician whatsoever.

  • No, he is supported by technology.

    No, without the technology, the music of Andrew Bird would not still be good, because his music is highly distorted by and amplified by technology. That is not to say that his performances do not have merit, because they do. Rather, he is just an outstanding musician in his own way, which includes technology. The mark of a true musician is one who can perform acoustically.

  • Without the use of technology, Andrew Bird would not be good.

    Without the use of technology, Andrew Bird would not be good. This is not a bad thing but it is his music and without technology his work would be lost. He has talents in using this technology and I believe that he works at his own pace and is as talented as any other artist.

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