Woman arrested for drunk driving: Is it fair that her car was subject to forfeiture?

  • She shouldn't have been drinking.

    You commit a crime, you must face punishment. If she was well known for DWIs, then I say that taking her car was completely supported with good evidence. I doubt they perminantly took it anyway. More than likely, she could go to the city tow area and get it back for a fee.

  • Yes, you drink and drive you give up the ride

    If someone is legitimately arrested for drunk driving, forfeiture of the vehicle is fair game. Now, I do believe confiscation of the vehicle should be done after a second offense and not a first one, because everyone makes mistakes. The first offense could have been based on bad judgment that the offender should be allowed to correct.

  • That may be a little bit too severe, but I don't mind it.

    Losing your car, especially if you live in an area without much public transportation, is a very severe penalty. At the same time, drunk driving is a serious crime that should be punished severely. If you drive drunk, you shouldn't be driving anyway. A more just punishment would be suspending her license for a while and forcing her to take some kind of classes. That would probably be about as effective. Still, if punishments like this help reduce drunk driving, I'm fine with it.

  • Drunk driving should not forfeit car

    Drunk driving and owning an asset should be two separate issues. She should be charged and fined but the police or government shouldn't have a right to seize her property. Once she has completed her punishment she has completed her punishment. To continue to do so would be cruel and unkind.

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