Woman chooses her death date: Will this be the future for dying patients?

  • Will Be For Some

    Some people will absolutely chose their death date if they are given the option. This allows people to stop suffering before natural progression catches up to them. Quite frankly, I think it's only fair. People won't chose painful options but when they're given pain free options the choice becomes clear.

  • Death Should Have Dignity

    I think that assisted suicide should be become more common for the terminally ill. There comes a time for many people when continued life is just unending suffering. The last week of a terminal illness will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and provide no comfort to the patient. In these cases ending one's life would be the best treatment.

  • Give Dying Patients Some Respect

    While a person who is suffering from depression needs treatment, not suicide assistance, there are some patients who are terminally ill and who know it. A competent adult should be allowed to die in dignity, before she becomes helpless and unable to communicate. She should have the opportunity to get her affairs in order and make a calm exit at a time when her family is emotionally prepared and ready.

  • choose death date

    No i do not think that this will be the future for dying patients. I mean I can see some benefits to choosing the exact day that you will die but for the most part I think that the majority of patients will want to hang on as long as possible.

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