• Yes, the citizen police academy is effective

    The fatal shooting of a woman occurred during a training event at the citizen police academy. The citizen police are an effective group against crime. The training program of citizen police needs to be investigated and monitored for this role playing event. And the participants need to be completely reviewed before being allowed to join the academy.

  • Yes it is

    Even though a woman was fatally shot, I believe that the citizen police academy is very effective. We should all be working together to reduce crime and enforce the law, within reason. Accidents will happen, this can not be avoided. In the long run, working together is the best thing for society.

  • Yes, the effectiveness is not in question.

    Yes, citizen police academy is effective. There should have been better precautions in place to keep accidents like this from happening. For instance, they could use brightly colored obviously fake guns for the demonstration to be sure it is not a real, loaded gun. Once precautions like these are made, the citizens police academy can continue in effectiveness.

  • This was stupid

    Someone needs to explain to me why on earth it would be necessary to pretend shoot someone with blanks anyway. Why do something so stupid? That poor woman did not sign up for that. That should not be what a citizen police academy is set up for. They are definitely getting sued for this one, especially after her husband was right there as a witness to this catastrophe. Just go ahead and pay up.

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