Woman in hijab attacked at UL-Lafayette by man in Trump hat: Will Trump's election encourage anti-Muslim hate crimes?

  • Unfortunately yes it will

    Muslim hat crimes will occurs during trumps presidency partially do to his constant remarks about Muslim terrorist through out his campaign. In doing so trump is putting blame on Muslims and making Muslim people into targets for reticule and hat crimes and encouraging the belief that all Muslims are terrorist.

  • Yes it will.

    People have already started to attack people based on their otherness in the name of Donald Trump. It is not likely to get better, unless something is done to stop it. And with him in power, he has little to no reason to stop this and he will probably support it.

  • The silent majority finally has their voice

    One thing we can correlate with the election of Donald Trump is the rise in anti-Muslim aggression. This is an entire religion and a very small extremist part is causing all of the trouble. Our president-elect's words and actions have created quite the stir with people who previously thought they were wrong for their misled beliefs towards Muslims. This will only get worse the more power he gets.

  • He's made it ok

    Trump's campaign and victory legitimized racism. Despite the fact that we're a nation of immigrants and that the Native Americans were here first, white folks want to "take back" the country, Trump, his supporters and all of the rhetoric he permitted without tacitly denying that racism and the KKK and hate groups are wrong is encouraging hate crimes.

  • Trump's election will not encourage anti-Muslim hate crimes

    Trump's election will not encourage anti-Muslim hate crimes. What I want to know is why is that the question? Why aren't you asking if Trump's election will encourage ant-white hate crimes? It's already happening and being completely ignored. Now, why is that? This is the shameless kind of bias that people saw through to elect Trump.

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