Woman jailed for throwing dog into traffic: Should Americans be prosecuted for animal abuse?

  • Not only yes, but the penalties should be more severe

    At first I wanted to put no, because I don't think they should be jailed or fined....
    They should be flogged and publicly humiliated. God, what I would've given to see that woman who put the kitten in the microwave get 100 or so cane floggs by a ripped 300 lb man who loved his job just a little too much.....
    But on the more realistic side, a day or two on the side of a busy interstate with a sign describing her crime .... Bet she'd go home and do everything to herself that we wanted to do to her afterward.....

  • People should be prosecuted for animal cruelty

    A woman committed an atrocious act against an innocent animal, and basically, she should go to jail. She had broken into her neighbor's house and grabbed the young dog over a dispute about a parking space, later tossing the innocent animal into traffic and killing the animal. This is clearly an aggressive act of violence with the intent of causing emotional suffering. Even though the woman admits she committed this crime, she was not able to solve the dispute in a rational way. There are not too many acts as disturbing as this. It seems senseless. It is the same as injuring or killing a human.

  • Yes, I agree.

    Yes, I believe that every human being, no matter what age, she be prosecuted for animal abuse. There are many people who believe that our sole purpose should be to defend human rights but animals are just as important to this Earth as humans are.
    Just because animals cannot speak or act as we do doesn't mean that they weren't created from the same dirt and wind as humans were. Mother Nature created them for a reason and we should protect them just as much as we should protect the weeds that grow on our lawns.
    Violence, whether it be against humans or animals, should not be tolerated on this Earth.

  • Animal Abuse can be Indicative of Other Criminal Behaviors

    Although it is true that not every person who has abused an animal becomes a serial killer, every serial killer has a history of animal abuse. When a person has the ability to willfully harm or kill an animal for no reason, there are some serious questions that need to be answered about the stability of that person and whether they are a threat to society.

  • Prosecuted for Animal Abuse

    Yes I believe animals should be prosecuted for animal abuse. If you are going to own an animal treat it as though it is one of your family members. They are innocent and cannot take care of themselves, which is why they have owners to begin with. If Americans are not prosecuted for abusing animals, then we should not be allowed to own any.

  • Yes yes yes

    I love animals so much and I hate to see them get hurt also to see people hurt them like what do they do to you maybe they bit then don't abuse them just put them in timeout like with kids or put them in a shelter but if you abuse them you get to pay the price.

  • Four years for one dead dog, seems a bit much.

    Animal abuse is how we keep our food cheap. Factory farms pack animals into spaces so tight that most can barely move. Many have no access to the outdoors, spending their lives on open warehouse floors, or housed in cages or pens. Without the room to engage in natural behaviors, confined animals experience severe physical and mental distress.

  • Animals do not matter

    Animals are not people. They should not have any rights. A dog is the same piece of property as a car or laptop. There should be some punishment for killing other person's animal because it damages their property which is not okay (you can't destroy someones car and get away with that, for instance). But animals per se do not matter.

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abyteofbrain says2016-02-27T21:16:11.263
This just white noise to me. Is animal abuse bad? Sure it is. Should the government get involved? I don't know and I don't care. There are far more important things to worry about. Our government has a lot to fix before it starts worrying about animal abuse.