Woman seriously injured in Standing Rock confrontation may lose arm: Should more be done to end the violent confrontation?

  • More should definitely be done.

    Violent confrontations are growing in seriousness due to the nation's heightened levels of tension and unrest. Nothing is being done to quell it. If anything, it is being encouraged and let to run rampant. If this continues, injuries and deaths will become even more common. Something must be done to fix this society's warring.

  • Portest Should be Peaceful

    The people demonstrating to stop the construction of the pipeline should not be injured in any confrontation. It is a principle of the United States to be able to protest anything that may be of a concern to an individual or a group. Protestors should be able to protest in peace.

  • Violence is not a solution to conflict.

    I absolutely believe that more should be done to end the violent confrontation in Standing Rock. As proven throughout history, violence is not the answer to conflict; violence only creates fear, anger and suffering, leading to further violence. Action must be taking to find peaceful and diplomatic ways to solve these issues.

  • They are the ones causing it.

    The people who want to build the pipeline should not give in to anarchists that want to shut them down. If people get hurt in the process, it is because they should not be trespassing and obstructing lawful people from conducting business. It is best for protesters to know that laws will be enforced.

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