Should women get equal rights in the working field?

  • Women should always get equal rights in the working field.

    Of course women should have equal rights in the working field.If a woman does the same work as a man its only natural they should get paid the same although this does not always end up being the case whena woman competes with a man when they are in the workplace.

  • Good headline for a debate but can be quite subjective depending on what stand you look at it from

    Oh yes they should!!!!! What is it that man has that a woman does not have in no scientific standpoint. I think that they should all share equal rights and responsibilities. For the ladies I would say that it's about time we stood up to be counted and that we should challenge ourselves with the male species

  • They Should Be Treated As Individuals

    Equal does not mean making sure the groups are equal it means people are treated based on individual characteristics regardless of sex. If a man is weak and a woman stronger than him he shouldn't get to just ride the coattails of his gender into the position over the woman just because men tend to be physically stronger.

  • Same amount of work and effort means same pay

    If a woman is doing just as much as a man than of course she deserves equal pay. This really shouldn't be up for debate, I thought gender equality was guaranteed. The only reason a man would deserve more pay is if he was working more hours, or physically/intellectually providing more than a woman. But in todyas world women and men are virtually equal when it comes to intellect. Therefore women should always be paid the same, if they provide the same amount of work as a man. And vice versa.

  • Yes, of course.

    Everyone should be given equal rights in the working field. If both a man and a woman are doing the same job and putting in the same amount of work and effort, but the man is making more money, then that is not fair and needs to be changed. Everyone needs to be treated equally.

  • No equal rights for women at work.

    The simplest answer to this question is no. Women are not equal to men in many aspects of the working world. Women are not as strong as men and do not have the physical constitution to perform many jobs as well as men. If the job does not require any physical prowess then maybe women can be treated as equal.

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