Woman throws shoe at Hillary Clinton: Are Hillary haters out of control?

  • Some people just love to hate!

    Some people just love to hate others because it makes them feel better about their own inadequacies. Clearly some Hillary-haters are out of control and need to learn to control themselves around others. It's okay to have opinions but it's not okay to revert to violence when one is feeling angry.

    Frequently I have to check my own anger from time to time to ensure I don't do something ridiculously stupid. In my opinion it's just not healthy to hate someone to the point that you have to throw a shoe at them!

  • Yes, Hillary haters are extreme and irrational

    This latest manifestation of animosity towards Hillary Clinton does make it look like the Hillary haters are out of control. When I read the comments under online articles about Hillary, I'm shocked by the sheer hatred they contain. It's one thing to criticize a political opponent's point of view, but the venomous personal attacks are really quite disturbing. Actually, throwing a shoe at her seems pretty mild in comparison.

  • Hillary haters are out of control.

    Hillary haters should know how to act in public.If your going to publicly display how ignorant you are, you are better off staying at home. Hillary should be able to speak in public without fearing that someone may try to harm her in some way. Hate is certainly something that people need to work on.

  • Country is non-compromising

    I blame our state of turmoil directly on Congress for the biased hard line positions both sides of the aisle have taken. It is no longer a Congress that can work together, that can compromise, that can see the others point of view. Congress is controlled by their Leaders and it is THEIR way or no way. They are not representing the people. I say THROW THEM OUT. Our vote is the only way to change the FUTURE. Why can't they vote for term limits. It is a sensible way for change.

  • No matter what your opinion, it should not turn physical.

    It is unacceptable to throw things because of your beliefs - if you are in anger, voice it emotionally, whether to the persons face or via social networking. However, it should not affect people like Clinton physically or in a degrading emotional way. If you were to do such a thing and be caught, you would be arrested by the police for assault, so why do it in this instance?

  • How many "Hillary haters" have a good reason such a strong emotion? Very few, IMHO. If few throw shoes, there are MANY "Area 51 types"

    Although, one cannot generalize to *all* "Hillary haters" based on one nut throwing a shoe, one could say that "hating" Hillary is in itself kind of irrational feeling in most cases, and mostly based on over-reaction to her political positions.

    My sample is small, but based on that sample, I so far have met VERY FEW Hillary haters who, at the same time:

    * have a triple digit IQ;
    * are unbiased by ideology enough to weigh the issues without emotion getting in the way; and
    * pay enough attention to form a reasonably informed opinion.

    To be clear, and I'll say this slowly for those who have the first problem, I'm not saying all "Hillary haters" are stupid.

    I am saying they are, almost by definition, out of control because they are hating someone they hardly know.

  • She isn't good

    She is working with Obama to turn America into a dictatorship. We Americans love our freedom when someone wants to take that away we are going to get psychical. She is trying to get us weak so it will be easy for the government to do Agenda 21 to us.

  • The Hypocrisy! It Burns!

    I want to know how many people have a harsh of this opinion, also had a harsh opinion of the guy that threw that shoe at Bush. " But he was bush." Is suspect many of you in your hypocrisy will cry. The occasional heckling is the price of prominence. The occasional shoe, happens. I am willing to bet they are attempting to slap the shoe thrower with all sorts of felony charges.

  • Out of Control?

    Why "Out of Control"?

    Did she miss her?

    You do not have to read this text which is a filler because at least 50 words are needed to submit a text and the above are only eight words without the headline which has 4 words and the sum makes twelve.

  • No, this was one incident.

    Every politician has experienced some sort of hazing at some point in their career. This was an isolated incident probably carried out by someone who is not well. I do not think that this can indict all Hillary haters as radicals who want to see her harmed. This one person was out of control but certainly not all who disagree with her.

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Crescendo says2014-04-16T01:23:28.277
Somebody once threw a shoe at George W. Bush; how is it a bigger deal for someone to throw a shoe at Hillary Clinton?