Women and children first if there are not enough lifeboats for everyone.

Asked by: sodoff
  • Children, then women, then men

    Children need their mothers, so women and children first fits. If the woman does not have a child she should still go first. Based on facts purely of course. Women tent to live about 5-10 years longer than men. If they do not get on first, they will die. Letting men go first would take away five years of helpfulness that a woman could provide. Five more years of caring for her child. Five more years of everything that a woman does. This also applies to men. Years of men being helpful. Years of dads helping their children, years of doing everything that a dad does. Really there should be equality, but based on the fact that women have 5 extra years, it should stay children, then women, then men.

    Posted by: Zx32
  • Women and children should go first.

    Women are amazing creatures. We help create life. Without women, we are nowhere. Children have yet to live their lives. It's not fair that a man whose job it is to defend his wife and children gets to save his own life. It shows that men are cowards, and I doubt men want to be viewed as cowards.

  • Yes there has to be some order and that makes sense

    Yes it should be woman and children first. The children because they are young and have their whole lives ahead of them. The woman because they have to ability to carry on offspring. This is purely a decision made based on what is best for the human race long term.

  • Children first, of course.

    As pretty much everyone else has mentioned, the children are the most vulnerable and have the most to live for, so they should go first. After them, I personally would rather stay behind and go down with the ship (or whatever the circumstance) having helped as many people as possible-man and woman-get to safety. However, having to choose to help one or the other, I would help the woman *!Definitely not because I think they're weaker than men!* but because genetically and statistically men will have a better chance getting themselves to safety than women.

    Thank you

  • Women and children first .

    They needed to be saved first because their Children and they had such a life to live . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  • It's a difficult one. Chivalry says men should stay behind, but enforce it?

    I'm a bit on the fence about this one. Yes children should go first as we should look after the most vulnerable first, but women and men is a bit of a blurred one. It's nice to think of myself being a man that I'd offer my chance of survival for a woman. The key thing is, in this day of age where equalism is king, and sexism is challenged I'm not sure it's quite right to force men to stay behind whilst women get ahead of the lifeboat queue. It's one of those things where perhaps it's down to the men to find it upon themselves to offer that choice to stay behind or not. It is said, presumably that mothers are more important than fathers.

    However what if a woman has no child? Does she still deserve a seat over a man? Possibly not. I think there is a strong case for a mother and child though.

  • Honestly, this didn't happen the majority of the time.

    Whoever asked this question obviously doesn't know that it was never woman and children first and during ship sinkings, it's never been played out that way save for Titanic. There was a study that complied genders and ages of women and men who got on and were saved vs those who weren't and the only ship disaster where more women survived than men was Titanic.

  • No. Just the children.

    I have differing opinions due to the circumstances.

    A. Untimed Titanic circumstance, where the survivors will make it back and re-assimilate with a complete society.

    I would not save the women over the men. Children, if they have relatives who can take care of them, should go first by all means, but we should not say a woman's life is more valuable to that of a man's. We are equal, and if there is room after the children who have chances at a full life after this, should come parents of the children, and after that come random men and women, represented equally.

    B. Timed. Fill the boats quickly and get anyone out as soon as possible. The titanic didn't even fill the lifeboats. Just put anyone on before the whole thing goes down and everyone dies.

    C. Armageddon.

    We gotta think carefully here. We must save more women than men, and practice polygamy for the first generation or so. This will quickly repopulate the species, because a woman can only get pregnant once at a time, while a man can impregnate many women in pretty rapid succession. Depending on how far away the destination is, we must select people who will be about 22 when they get there, and be sure to choose people who are genotypically and phenotypically superior.

  • Our future-- children

    First of all, this is the 21st century. I'm sure there would be enough lifeboats by now, we've ought to have some common sense. And even if, the radio signals are stronger than what was shown in the Titanic.
    But why women? Yes, women have the stereotype of being "helpless" but...Why would they raise? What if the child's Mum was abusive?!

  • No, no one should be forced to stay.

    We should save more people from disasters. For humanity, children should go first, there is no doubt about this. I think it is almost right to save the "weak", but this is not the reason to let the "strong" waiting for die.No rules should be placed in disasters by human.

  • Equal right to live in result.

    What happened to the ones had not got on the lifeboats? They almost died, no matter men or women. Titanic was a disaster 100 years ago, we should not value it in nowadays views. Men and women have the same rights to live, even should not be forced by options.But the children should be rescued first.

  • It is ideal for to say "women and children first"

    With so few lifeboats it would be a good time to be a ruffian. Why should any person in their right mind care for women they don't know? Why should they care for children that is not theirs? In essence, it is every man, woman, and child for themselves if it is only a few lifeboats. You won't be able to anything anymore if you drowned in the depths of the sea. Put the people you know first and then yourself. Then forget about everyone else.

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