• Yes they are

    A woman is a cuddle toy because

    A. Women just love cuddling so much they just are

    B. I believe that a woman’s job is to cook for her husband keep the home clean and cuddle him to reduce his stress seeming how some women are not to fond of cooking and cleaning but love cuddling I think this is evidence enough

    C. Women just look cuddly why would they look so cuddly if they are not cuddle toys

    I rest my case

  • Ummm, Reason for saying that?

    Women are only cuddle toys, If they want to be. Just like men only act like morons if they want to. For instance it'd for wrong to call the person that posted this question a moron. Trust me, He just confused.

    A woman's job is to be happy, Find a good man and lead the life she wants to. This is the 21st first century and, As a woman, I can tell you this, I am not and don't want to be a cuddle toy.

    Besides, You can say we're cuddle toys all you like, That doesn't make you right. Us woman say we're not, And as you can't offer any scientifical proof of this stupid statement, That means we're not!

    Besides, Fairly certain that this is a scam, Because evidently, If someone really did believe this, Their momma would've shipped them to a nice, Cosy, Mental asylum years ago.

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