Women are not oppressed in first world countries.

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  • No, and the wage gap does not exist.

    Women are allowed to do anything and everything a man can do. Women in the first world can get driver licensees, show their faces in public, divorce their husbands, choose their marital partners, hold a job, you name it. If men are allowed to do it, so are women. The wage gap is also false. Women earn 77% of the money that men do ON AVERAGE, not in the same job. Women do not do overtime as much, work shorter hours on average, and take parental leave. A wage gap is also illogical. If a woman only had to be paid 77 cents to the dollar that a man would earn in the same job, why would anyone hire men? People would hire women because they'd provide cheaper labor!
    In summary, women in the first world have every privilege and every right that a man has, and the theorized wage gap has been proven wrong. Feminism is needed in the THIRD WORLD where women are legitimately oppressed, but it is not needed here in the first world.

  • No, that kind of opression does not exists.

    Nowadays in most first world countries, women have much more advantages than men. They have preference about getting a job, being promoted and they have much more rights when they divorce. It is sad that while in Morocco there are women complaining their right of wearing skirt, in many first world countries, a woman can get a divorce with her husband paying her house and a amount of money every week while he needs to find another house to live being deducted this amount of money.

  • Are women truly victims of a patriarchal society in America?

    Watch this video regarding the pay gap:
    If not, just read on anyway.

    One of the primary reasons women are claimed to be oppressed in first world countries is due to the myth that women are paid less than men for the same job. Which doesn't make sense in the first place considering that there are laws preventing companies from doing so based on gender alone.

    When you actually look at the data of women making "77 cents for every dollar a man makes" you'll find that it is just that; RAW DATA. It's essentially comparing female janitors to male petroleum engineers; absolutely worthless.

    In a study titled "Graduating to the Pay Gap" by Christianne Crobett and Catherine Hill it was found that when accounting for all variables of such as OCCUPATION, hours worked, multiple jobs, age, college GPA, credentials, and etc. there is around a 93%-95% difference in wages for the same jobs.
    However, there still is a point for advocates of the wage gap myth: There is STILL a 5-7% difference of wages. What could be causing this? Well, a study performed by Karin Hederos Eriksson and Anna Sandberg of the Stockholm school of economics found that women are far less likely to negotiate higher salaries or positions than men are. 28% of women negotiated for higher salaries compared to 42% of the men.

    At Carnegie Mellon University's phD program for education, women were complaining that they were getting less teaching jobs than men were. When confronted, the dean claimed that it was due to the fact that the men were asking for teaching jobs, while the women weren't. It was found that 83% of men and 58% of women negotiated for higher pay. It was found that men were making SEVEN PERCENT MORE ON AVERAGE COMPARED TO THE WOMEN WHO DID NOT ASK FOR HIGHER SALARIES.

    According to the New York Times, it was found that men had far less satisfaction with their jobs than women. This could be due to the fact that women value jobs that "help society" far more than men do. At least according to the pewresearchcenter. (go to this link for the study->

    So instead of victimizing women and claiming they are oppressed due to the gender pay wage gap, we should be looking at various factors leading to these choices of jobs. We should be looking at WHY men are encouraged to choose jobs based on salary alone, why women are expected to take motherhood leave without help from the father and etc.

    I would write A LOT MORE talking about how men are far more likely to be victims of every other crimes besides sexual assault, how there is no such thing as rape culture, how the "sexual objectification" of women is full of crap and etc etc. But there is a character limit unfortunately.

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