• Im am a tomboy

    I love playing football, Basketball, Rounders, Rugby with boys and I love video games I hate make up and I like wearing t-shirts and jeans also I like wearing caps(not all boys like wearing caps)and I hate the colour pink i also like hanging around with boys because they talk about things i like.

  • I am not a tomboy at all and don't know many women who are

    I appreciate the more feminine things in life- nice clothes, having my hair and nails done, going out for a night on the town and feeling feminine. I don't know of anyone who is a tomboy, really. I think some girls go through a phase when growing up where they struggle to embrace feminine things but most do when they are adults.

  • I am not a tomboy.

    I am not a tomboy. I enjoy dressing up and putting on makeup and other things because it makes me feel subtly feminine. I have in the past been taken as a tomboy, and I only think that that happens because most of the time I dress in comfortable clothes.

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