Women demand freedom in Saudi Arabian society: Is the country ready for women to be treated as adults?

  • Yes, the country is ready for women to be treated as adults.

    Yes, the country is ready for women to be treated as adults because they are adults. Women in Saudi Arabia have suffered long enough and it is of the utmost importance that they have equal rights as men. The country needs to enter the 21st century and grant everyone rights.

  • I hope so

    Women can't drive, get medical treatment, go to school or work without male supervision and approval. There are thousands of women who are ready to be treated as adults and they shouldn't have to live this way. Given that the ranks of the protesters has increased over time, I hope that's a sign that the country is ready to embrace change.

  • It is long overdue

    The suppression of women destroys a society whether they acknowledge it or not. When women are educated they are able to excel and create better choices for themselves. Saudi Arabians are behind in their acceptance of female empowerment but it is better late than never. A few years from now they won't even remember the pervasive prejudice against women that once existed.

  • Yes, women in Saudi Arabia deserve freedom.

    Yes, women in Saudi Arabia should be treated as adults. It is long past time that women in the Saudi Arabian society be given equal rights to men. Women should not be at the mercy of their husbands, fathers or another male relative to make decisions for them. They should be allowed to drive, swim in public and compete in sports, just as men in the society are allowed.

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